Memorie Suessane di Matidia

Suessa: Città e territorio dagli Aurunci all’età romana

Sergio Cascella and Maria Grazia Ruggi D’Aragona


This volume presents a compendium of the history of the city of Suessa (Sessa Aurunca – northern Campania, Italy) which was the princAal settlement of the Italic peoples of Ausoni-Aurunci, and later became one of the most important cities of ancient Campania Felix. Based on the most recent archaeological discoveries, the authors examine both the urban structure of the city from Roman times and some of the main places devoted to public life (such as the forum and the theatre), as well the suburban infrastructure, such as the roads connecting Suessa to the cities nearby. The work includes a review of the important figure of Matidia Minor and her much lauded philanthropy, of which there are so many testimonies in this part of ancient Italy. Two significantancient monuments brought to light in this city are fully examined: The Roman theatre of the Imperial era and also the large suburban villa with its marbles, paintings, and mosaics.