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Los Orígenes de la Estratificación Social

Patrones de Desigualdad en la Edad del Bronce del Suroeste de la Península Ibérica (Sierra Morena Occidental c. 1700-1100 a.n.e./2100-1300 A.N.E.)

Leonardo García Sanjuán


Focussed on the sierra de Huelva, in southwest Spain, Sanjuán constructs a regional sequence change from c. 2500 to 750 BC. The study combines the results of the survey, excavation and locational analysis to construct a sequence of social and political change from the Copper to Bronze Age settlements. An attempt was made to develop a middle range theory capable of diagnosing Social Stratification through archaeological record, followed by setting of the space-time coordinates for the empirical testing ofthe theoretical concepts. The main emphasis is put on the assessment of the changing patterns of inequality observed among Copper and Bronze Age societies, and particularly on whether Bronze Age social formations could have formed a state.