Lo que vino de Oriente

Horizontes, praxis y dimensión material de los sistemas de dominación fiscal en Al-Andalus (ss. VII-IX)

Xavier Ballestín and Ernesto Pastor
Limina/Limites: Archs., hists., isl. Med. 365-1556


Taxing systems, conceived as institutionalized means of extraction of goods and services from the population, are a key part in the analysis of the social and territorial fabrics of our history. This volume analyses those tax mechanisms that were imposedfollowing the Muslim conquest of the Iberian Peninsula (al-Andalus) from the 8th Century AD, which can only be properly understood by ‘looking to the East’. It also deals with aspects of those same systems that are related to archaeology and place-names, considering that the palatium and qa?r-bal?? must have played a fundamental role both in the levying of taxes and in the exploitation of the 'fay’.