L’insediamento medievale nelle Colline Metallifere (Acana, Italia)

Il sito minerario di Rocchette Pannocchieschi dall’VIII al XIV secolo

Francesca Grassi con contributi di Giovanna Bianchi, Maddalena Belli, Jacopo Bruttini, Mauro Buonincontri, Cristina Cicali, Giuseppe Di Falco, Gaetano Di Pasquale, Giuseppe Fichera, Silvia Guideri, Marja Mendera, Alessandra Pecci, Frank Salvadori


This volume presents eleven years of archaeological research carried out by the University of Siena at the castle of Rocchette Pannocchieschi (southern Tuscany, Italy). The research, starting from the distribution of the Middle Ages settlement in the region known as the ‘Metal Hills’, focuses on the specific role of the mining site of Rocchette Pannocchieschi, deriving from the rich data provided by the excavations. In this area of Tuscany, from the 8th century, several centralized settlements/villages developed around the mining areas containing deposits of mixed sulphides (copper, silver, lead). Rocchette Pannocchieschi was one of these centralized settlements, built near important deposits of lead and silver ores.