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Les sépultures simples et plurielles du Campaniforme et du Bronze ancien dans le Bassin rhodanien et ses zones d’influences

Yaramila Tchérémissinoff


This work is a survey of ‘individual’ Beaker culture and Early Bronze Age burial methods in the French section of the Rhône basin, and its sphere of influence. It classifies the various forms and assesses the relevance of the distinct return to individual graves. Indeed, the presence of so-called individual graves in late Neolithic cultures and the continuation of the use of collective graves during the early Bronze Age is, in itself, an indication of the complexity of the phenomenon. The study area corresponds roughly to south-eastern France, essentially covering the Rhône-Alpes, Provence-Alpes-Cote d ’Azur, and eastern Languedoc administrative regions. The research examines issues relating to the development of an early Bronze Age identity in this areaand applies scenarios derived from knowledge of the material culture.