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Les instruments aratoires des Gaules et de Germanie Superieure

Catalogue des pièces métalliques

André Marbach


This catalogue of the metal parts of ploughing implements from Gallia and Germania Superior is an expanded work based on the author’s thesis ‘Researches on the ploughing implements and the working on the soil in Gallia Belgica’. The essentially multidiscAlinary methodology of this research, bearing in particular on technical studies of ploughing implements, necessitated the technical representation of metal parts in the form of a catalogue in addition to the customary archaeological drawings. This volume, therefore, most often uses these two forms of representation. A classification based on the use of the parts, ‘socketed shares’, ‘tanged shares’ and ‘coulters’, is employed. This catalogue contains 51 entries of socketed shares, 31 of tanged shares and 37 of coulters, representing in all 119 entries. Although inevitably incomplete, with data collection ending in 2000, it is the first catalogue of these types of metal parts to have been published for the Gallia provinces and Germania Superior. An accompanying textual analysis is provided by the same author in: BAR S1235, 2004 “Recherches sur les instruments aratoires et le travail du sol en Gaule Belgique” (ISBN 9781841715940).