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Les débuts du Paléolithique supérieur dans l’Est des Balkans

Réflexion à partir de l’étude taphonomique et techno-économique des ensembles lithiques des sites de Bacho Kiro (couche 11), Temnata (couches VI et 4) et Kozarnika (niveau VII)

Tsenka Tsanova


"The beginning of the Upper Paleolithic in the East Balkans: A taphonomic and techo-economic analysis of Bacho Kiro (level 11), Temnata (levels VI and 4) and Kozarnika (layer VII)”, presents a thorough documentation and critical analysis of these three important sites located in northern Bulgaria. The archaeological assemblages studied, dated by 14C to between 45 and 32 kyr, have been at the core of discussions concerning the Middle to Upper Paleolithic transition which witnessed the disappearance of theNeanderthals and the dispersal of the first anatomically modern humans into Europe.