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Les archives fluviales du bassin-versant de la Beuvronne (Seine-et-Marne, Bassin Parisien, France)

Perception et impacts des modifications climatiques et des occupations humaines depuis 15 000 ans

Paul Orth


This volume is a thorough interdiscAlinary study of the Paris fluvial basin, providing much new data for the interpretation of the evolution of the surrounding during the Lateglacial and Holocene periods. The work is based on the author’s fieldwork and further sedimentological and palaeoecological investigations, as well as 14-C datings. The book is divided into three princAal headings - general presentation of the study area; presentation of the data and results; and interpretations. Overall the work represents an important contribution and fresh interpretation of the spatial variability of fluvial sedimentation, in relation with the geomorphological and hydrogeological contexts from the end of the Pleniglacial.