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Le rôle de l'environnement dans les comportements des chasseurs-cueilleurs préhistoriques

Colloque / Symposium C3.1

Marylène Patou-Mathis and Hervé Bocherens
Acts XIVth UISPP Congr., Univ. Liège, 2-8 Sept 01


The 17 papers in this volume represent the XIVth UISPP Liège Congress session on the dietary behaviours of prehistoric hunter-gatherers from as far afield as Poland and Israel, Spain and Croatia. The subsistence strategies of prehistoric hunters were dependent on the dietary resources available in the environment and within this range the prehistoric populations were obliged to make certain choices. The contributors to this volume explore the theme, and among the many questions addressed are the issue oflinkage between changes of palaeoecological contexts and variations in subsistence behaviour, and the relationshA between the results from palaeoethnographical and biogeochemical studies; the palaeoecological reconstructions they propose provide valuable insights into the answers.