Le Gravettien final de l’abri Pataud (Dordogne, France)

Fouilles et études 2005-2009

Roland Nespoulet, Laurent Chiotti, Dominique Henry-Gambier


What is the status of the human remains from the Level 2 of the Abri Pataud? This is the question that a multidiscAlinary team has tried to answer with a threefold approach: new excavations, detailed review of the collections and detailed historiographical analysis of the former excavations (HL Movius). The Level 2 of the Abri Pataud, which is a reference site for the French Upper Palaeolithic, is dated to -22 000 years. It is attributed to the final Gravettian. This book, through the contributions of 18 authors, presents the results gathered during the first five years of excavation and study (2005-2009) placing it in a the broader context of the final Gravettian in France. It brings new elements of interpretation concerning the human occupation and examines the original burial behavior observed in the Level 2.