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L’area ionico-tarantina nel quadro della diffusione neolitica

Problematiche e analisi dei rapporti con le culture coeve dell’Italia sud-orientale e del Vicino Oriente

Patrizia Lorusso


The stratigraphic surveys periodically done since the 1980s within the Neolithic settlement of Montedoro (Grottaglie, Taranto, southern Italy), the north-eastern slope of the basin of the ‘Small Sea’ of Taranto, have highlighted aspects and problems about the process of neolithization in an area insufficiently studied. In this work the author has made a detailed analysis of the archaeological and topographic stratigraphy, including the recovery of the geo-paleoenvironmental data and of the archaeozoological data for historic and cultural reconstructions. The documentation includes ceramic and lithic objects, as well as faunal and palinological finds. The contextualized data provide a significant contribution to an area little known from the preclassical viewpoint.