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La Péninsule d'Oman de la fin de l'Age du Fer au début de la période sassanide (250 av. - 350 ap. JC)

Michel Mouton
British Foundation for the Study of Arabia Monogr.


This edition of a much-valued work presents a lot of new archaeological material ordered according to a clear chronological scheme that covers what had hitherto been a problematic period spanning the end of the Iron Age and the Sasanian period in and around the Oman Peninsular. The two sites featured, Mleiha and ed-Dur, from which the material comes, are important, not only locally in terms of the history of settlement and society, but also regionally in terms of trade and contact between Arabia and the Mediterranean and Indian Ocean. additionally, the period covered by the two sites is key to some important historical themes, such as the population and culture of pre-Islamic Arabia, the spread of Mediterranean influence into Arabia during the Hellenistic and Roman periods and the general development of Arabia in the centuries before Islam.