La explotación tecnoeconómica de las materias óseas en el Auriñaciense

Caracterización tecnoeconómica de las producciones del Paleolítico superior inicial en la Península Ibérica

José-Miguel Tejero Cáceres


The Aurignacian is one of the Upper Palaeolithic techno-complexes that has generated much literature in recent years. One of the least known aspects of this period is the question of the exploitation of bones materials. The research presented in this volume shows a techno-economic approach to the bone, antler, ivory, tooth, and shell evidence from the Iberian Peninsula. The author presents a characterization of the princAles guiding bone raw material exploitation in the specified chronological and geographical area. From the results, the management strategies of these different raw materials are assessed in terms of how they were integrated into the different systems (technical, economic, social, cultural) on which hunter-gatherers societies were structured during the Early Upper Palaeolithic.