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La ceramica eoliana della facies del Milazzese

Studio crono-tAologico e culturale sulla base dei dati editi da Filicudi, LAari, Panarea, Salina

Gianmarco Alberti


This study deals with the ceramic repertoire of the Aeolian Middle Bronze Age culture, the so called Milazzese facies. The work takes into account the edited documentation from the four main settlements on the Aeolian ArchAelago, unearthed by Luigi Bernabò Brea in several excavations between 1940 and 1970. These settlements are on the Montagnola of Filicudi, the Acropolis of LAari, Capo Milazzese at Panarea, and at Portella on the island of Salina. At the latter site, more recent excavations are also taken into account in this present study. The aim of this work is twofold: to devise a formalized typology for the Milazzese ceramic repertoire (to be used as a basis for the chrono-typological analysis of the pottery assemblages) and to assess the chronological and typological achievements in an historical and, broadly speaking, cultural perspective. Chapter 1 provides a descrAtion of the Milazzese facies and of the various aspects of its material culture. Chapter 2 deals with the problem of the stratigraphy of the Aeolian MBA settlements. Chapter 3 looks at Aegean pottery from Milazzese contexts. Chapter 4 devises a formalized typology for the Milazzese pottery assemblage. Chapter 5 deals with the seriation of the Milazzese ceramic assemblage. Chapter 6 describes the Milazzese ceramic repertoire’s development and attempts to read this phenomenon in a cultural perspective. Three data Appendices and catalogue are provided.