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La « Chronique X »

Reconstitution et analyse d’une source perduefondamentale sur la civilisation Aztèque, d’après l’Historia de las Indias de Nueva España de D. Durán (1581) et la Crónica Mexicana de F. A. Tezozomoc (ca. 1598)

Sylvie Peperstraete


Written and illustrated in Nahuatl, the Crónica X is one of our major sources on Aztec history, from the mythical origins to the Spanish Conquest. However, it only reaches us through derived documents, including especially two adaptations in Spanish of the last quarter of the XVIth century, completed respectively by a Dominican friar of Spanish origin, Diego Durán, and by one of the grandsons of Motecuhzoma II, the native historian Fernando Alvarado Tezozomoc. This present volume is a modern reconstruction of this important historical source.