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Kurgans, Ritual Sites, and Settlements: Eurasian Bronze and Iron Age

Jeannine Davis-Kimball, Eileen M. Murphy, Ludmila Koryakova and Leonid T. Yablonsky


This richly illustrated volume adds immensely to the small but growing corpus of Eurasian Archaeology published in the English language. Comprised of thirty articles, the authors have focused on the Bronze Age, continuing to include the first millennium BC Early Iron Age, with a terminus of c. 500 AD. The geographic range extends from the far western great Hungarian plains, north to Fennoscandia, south to include northern Afghanistan and the Kalmyk steppes, and east to the Altai Mountains in western Mongolia. The arguments presented (drawn in the main from the 1998-99 European Archaeological Association sessions) embrace a wide range of topics including art, culture, textiles, metallurgy, mortuary customs, etc. The authors are as diverse in their originsas their works are in content, penning their research from England, Germany, Italy, Ireland, Russia, Sweden, and the United States. Each article is illustrated with line drawings, plates and photographs.