Kurgan Studies

An environmental and archaeological multAroxy study of burial mounds in the Eurasian steppe zone

Ákos Peto and Attila Barczi


This volume presents a series of archaeological and scientific studies focusing on Kurgans in Hungary and Russia. Kurgans are the burial mounds of Bronze and Copper Age societies that can be traced back to the 4th Millennium cal BC. The Kurgans of the Eurasian steppe zone preserve palaeosoils and represent a fantastic resource for investigating Holocene environmental changes. The studies presented in this volume princAally focus on the Lyukas-halom and Csíp?-halom kurgans in Hungary and the Skvortsovskyand Labazovsky kurgans in Russia, though there are also several papers that explore the ‘wider world’ of the Kurgans. On the whole, this volume brings together papers on a multi- and interdiscAlinary scale, and sheds light on the current status and state-of-art of kurgan studies.