Khor Abu Anga and Magendohli

Stone Age Sites on the Sudanese Nile

Roy L. Carlson


The results of the excavation of two Paleolithic sites on the Nile in the Republic of the Sudan, undertaken from the autumn of 1965 into the spring of 1966, are presented in this report. Artifacts from Khor Abu Anga and Magendohli, currently housed in the Museum of Archaeology and Ethnology at Simon Fraser University in Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada, are described and quantified. The artifact assemblages are identified as discrete units, placed in chronological order, compared in terms of cultural content, and assigned to known industrial complexes. The Khor Abu Anga and Magendohli assemblages are comparable to and part of recognized prehistoric industrial Acheulian, the Sangoan, the Lupemban, and Aterian complexes well documented in Africa and in parts of Europe and western Asia. The archaeological deposits at Khor Abu Anga are part of a record of evolving lithic technology from late Acheulian through Sangoan into Lupemban in the upper Nile valley over a long period of time.