Greek and Latin Inscriptions from Halmyris

Inscriptions on stone, signa, and instrumenta found between 1981 and 2010

Mihail Zahariade and Cristina-Georgeta Alexandrescu
Halmyris Series Monographs


The important city of Halmyris lay where the Danube empties into the Black Sea (Romania). The sizable present collection of inscriptions published here contains the complete number of the epigraphs found before and during the excavations at the site of Murighiol (ancient Halmyris) in the span of time before ca. 1896 and 2010. The epigraphic material presented in this volume intends to be a contribution to the knowledge of the social, economic and military history of the local society in the remotest partof the province of Moesia inferior, the extrema Minoris Scythiae, and to provide additional documents to the already impressive collection of Greek and Latin inscriptions related to the territories between the Danube and the Black Sea.