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Greek and Hellenistic Wheel- and Mould-Made Closed Oil Lamps in the Holy Land

Collection of the Israel Antiquities Authority

Varda Sussman


This catalogue of closed pottery oil lamps contains mainly intact oil lamps discovered in excavations and listed with the Israel Antiquities Authority up to the year 1988. The volume includes Archaic Greek and Hellenistic lamps made in Eastern Greece in the late 7th-5th centuries BCE; mainland Greece; Classical Greece of the 6th–4th centuries BCE; and lamps made after the conquest of the East by Alexander the Great (333-332 BCE) to the Roman conquest (1st century BCE-early 1st century CE), during which both civilizations - of the West and the East - merged into what is known as the Hellenistic period and the Hellenistic culture. The Catalogue contains 371 entries.