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Germanien an der Zeitenwende

Studien zum Kulturwandel beim Übergang von der vorrömischen Eisenzeit zur älteren römischen Kaiserzeit in der Germania Magna

Thomas Völling, Herausgegeben von Holger Baitinger, Alexandru Popa und Gabriele Rasbach


The present study concentrates on the question whether the time around the birth of Christ was a period of change for ancient Germania. In order to approach this question the extensive find material (including fibulae forms) was structured chronologically by means of selected cemeteries and individual graves. It becomes clear that, at least in continental Europe, the change of the material culture occurred in comparable periods and thus the formation of horizons of more than just regional validity is possible. The material remains of the period around the birth of Christ were divided into five horizons, starting with the “horizon of bent fibulae” before the mid 1st cent. B.C. and ending after the mid 1st cent. A.D. In German with an English summary.