Bar: S2837
ISBN: 9781407315164
Authors: Kalle Sognnes
Year: 2017

This book examines the Northern (Stone Age) rock art of central Norway, which is dominated by images of marine and terrestrial motifs. It focuses on... More

Bar: S2715
ISBN: 9781407313689
Authors: Lene Melheim
Year: 2015

Bar: S2668
ISBN: 9781407313108
Editors: Sally Crawford and Christina Lee
Year: 2014

The chronological and geographical focus of this volume is medieval northern Europe, from the 6th to the 15th centuries. The contributors examine the... More

Bar: S2609
ISBN: 9781407312408
Authors: António Pedro Martins da Mota Batarda Fernandes
Year: 2014

Open-air rock-art forms one of the most widely distributed categories of prehistoric culture with examples recognized across the Old and New Worlds. It is... More

Bar: S2599
ISBN: 9781407312316
Editors: Felix Riede and Miikka Tallaavaara
Year: 2014

The Lateglacial and Postglacial pioneer colonisation of northern Europe is a recurrent and ever-popular topic in archaeology. This volume presents a modern... More

Bar: S2529
ISBN: 9781407311470
Authors: Ruth Ann Maher
Year: 2013

The purpose of this Viking-Age Icelandic study is to look beyond the catalogues of data already in the record and put the information in its social context.... More

Bar: S2508
ISBN: 9781407311265
Editors: Sophie Bergerbrant and Serena Sabatini
Year: 2013

The book celebrates Professor Kristiansens's life and achievements with 88 papers by colleagues and friends from all over the world; they are divided into... More

Bar: S2478
ISBN: 9781407310909
Editors: Elsbeth M. van der Wilt and Javier Martínez Jiménez with help from Guido Petruccioli
Year: 2013

This volume contains the combined proceedings of two consecutive conferences (2010 and 2011) organised by Graduate Archaeology at Oxford (GAO) to promote... More

Bar: S2475
ISBN: 9781407310879
Editors: Mats Larsson and Jolene Debert
Year: 2013

This book is concerned with the developments that followed on from the introduction of farming into Britain and Southern Scandinavia (Denmark and Southern... More

Bar: S2456
ISBN: 9781407310640
Editors: Maximilian O. Baldia, Timothy K. Perttula, and Douglas S. Frink
Year: 2013

MultidiscAlinary Old and New World research, using high quality paleoenvironmental and archaeological data, looks for correlations between climatic... More

Bar: S2446
ISBN: 9781407310503
Editors: Joël Vital, Fabien Convertini and Olivier Lemercier
Year: 2012

The results of research over a period of ten years into the question of the origins of the Early Bronze Age in south-eastern France. The study includes... More

Bar: S2399
ISBN: 9781407309941
Editors: Ragnhild Berge, Marek E. Jasinski and Kalle Sognnes
Year: 2012

This book includes papers from N-TAG TEN, the Proceedings of the 10th Nordic TAG conference at Stiklestad, Norway 2009. More