Central and South Asia

Bar: S2844
Authors: Helmut Loofs-Wissowa
Year: 2017

Khok Charoen (Hill of Prosperity) is a neolithic burial ground in Central Thailand, excavated in the 1960s and 70s by the Thai-British Archaeological... More

Bar: S2835
ISBN: 9781407315515
Authors: Wenli Zhou
Year: 2016

This book presents the analyses, technical interpretation and socio-economic contextualisation of the production remains of zinc distillation from... More

Bar: S2783
ISBN: 9781407314525
Authors: John R. Lukacs, Jagannath Pal, with contributions by M.C. Gupta, V.D. Misra, Greg C. Nelson, and G. Robbins Schug
Year: 2016

A fresh and innovative approach to the skeletal biology of prehistoric South Asians is presented in this volume. It is the first comprehensive... More

Bar: S2761
ISBN: 9781407314235
Editors: Jaume Buxeda i Garrigós, Marisol Madrid i Fernández and Javier G. Iñañez
Year: 2015

[Text in English and Spanish] The study of ceramics, their movement and their changes over time is one of the most significant and fruitful areas of... More

Bar: S2747
ISBN: 9781407314082
Authors: Mahdokht Farjamirad
Year: 2015

A collection of archaeological materials and burial remains, recovered during large scale excavations or by accidental discovery by travellers and locals,... More

Bar: S2741
ISBN: 9781407314006
Editors: Sergiu Musteaţă and Ştefan Caliniuc
Year: 2015

Archaeological heritage helps to define the age and origins of a culture, the history and traditions of a nation, a country or a certain ethno-cultural... More

Bar: S2719
ISBN: 9781407313726
Editors: Anek R. Sankhyan
Year: 2015

The present volume is based on research articles submitted as part of an international conference Exploring Human Origins: Exciting discoveries at the start... More

Bar: S2698
ISBN: 9781407313474
Editors: Giorgio Affanni, Cristina Baccarin, Laura Cordera, Angelo Di Michele and Katia Gavagnin
Year: 2015

Bar: S2690
ISBN: 9781407313269
Editors: Editors in chief C.C. Lamberg-Karlovsky and B. Genito, Editor B. Cerasetti
Year: 2014

This volume collates 99 papers in honour of Maurizio Ai’s 70th birthday. Contributions by diverse authors, on very diverse and sometimes unrelated topics... More

Bar: S2671
ISBN: 9781407313139
Authors: Kishore Raghubans
Year: 2014

This study enunciates the position of prehistoric to early historic settlement-patterns in the Shekhawati region of Rajasthan. It brings forth... More

Bar: S2665
ISBN: 9781407313115
Editors: Borja Antela-Bernárdez and Jordi Vidal
Year: 2014

Central Asia is a wide subject of research in the archaeological and historical studies of the Ancient World. Scholars have usually focused on the complex... More

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Bar: S2580
ISBN: 9781407312033
Authors: Tom Hoogervorst
Year: 2013

This book casts a new light on the role of Southeast Asia in the ancient Indian Ocean World. It brings together data and approaches from archaeology and... More