Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific

Bar: S2792
ISBN: 9781407314433
Authors: Hallie Buckley
Year: 2016

This book is an historical document presenting the author's doctoral thesis on health and disease in the Pacific Islands, completed in 2001. The study was... More

Bar: S2762
ISBN: 9781407314242
Authors: Sean P. Connaughton
Year: 2015

Early Polynesian social development, and its dispersal through migration, are hotly debated topics, though this development is thought to have been centred... More

Bar: S2761
ISBN: 9781407314235
Editors: Jaume Buxeda i Garrigós, Marisol Madrid i Fernández and Javier G. Iñañez
Year: 2015

[Text in English and Spanish] The study of ceramics, their movement and their changes over time is one of the most significant and fruitful areas of... More

Bar: S2754
ISBN: 9781407314150
Authors: Duncan Wright
Year: 2015

Torres Strait lies at a crucial point both geographically and conceptually between Australia and the Pacific. This book examines methodologies used in both... More

Bar: S2674
ISBN: 9781407313160
Authors: Virginia Esposito
Year: 2014

This volume details the results of the first intra-site examination of Chinese gold miners’ camps in Australia and the compositional analyses of Chinese-made... More

Bar: S2663
ISBN: 9781407313054
Editors: Mike T. Carson
Year: 2014

The Ritidian Site is located in the United States island territory of Guam, the largest and southernmost of the Mariana Islands in the western Pacific Ocean.... More

Bar: S2340
ISBN: 9781407309231
Authors: Patricia Mary Bourke
Year: 2012

This monograph presents a study of Indigenous economies in traditional Larrakia country, the Darwin coastal region of northern Australia, during the Late... More

Bar: S2273
ISBN: 9781407308470
Editors: Ben Marwick and Alex Mackay
Year: 2011

The aim of this volume is to present papers applying recent insights from the organization of technology to the interpretation of stone artefact assemblages... More

Rock of Ages
Bar: S2262
ISBN: 9781407308333
Authors: Lara Lamb
Year: 2011

There is evidence to suggest that the South Molle Island stone quarry in the Whitsunday Islands, central Queensland coast, has been used by the indigenous... More

Bar: S2183
ISBN: 9781407307336
Editors: Karen Hardy
Year: 2010

This World Archaeological Congress Inter-Congress was held at the University of Lódz, Poland in September 2007. One of the conference aims was to explore the... More

Bar: S2152
ISBN: 9781407306940
Editors: Yaroslav V. Kuzmin and Michael D. Glascock
Year: 2010

The original idea for developing this book as Proceedings from the Symposium on Obsidian Source Studies in Northeast Asia, held at the 70th Annual Meeting of... More

Bar: S2142
ISBN: 9781407306834
Authors: Halawathage Nimal Perera
Year: 2010

Sri Lanka is a tropical island that lies approximately halfway between Africa and Australia along the northern rim of the Indian Ocean, and has one of the... More