Bar: S2534
ISBN: 9781407311524
Editors: Paul R Preston, assistant editor Katia Schörle
Year: 2013

This volume stems from the proceedings of the third conference of the Graduate Archaeology Organisation at Oxford (GAO) held 4-5 April, 2008 at Hertford... More

Bar: S2444
ISBN: 9781407310480
Authors: Karen Ryan
Year: 2012

This study examines the domestic architecture produced by the Late Dorset, an Arctic-adapted hunter-gatherer society which occupied much of the Eastern North... More

Bar: S2154
ISBN: 9781407306964
Editors: Christer Westerdahl
Year: 2010

A volume dedicated to the achievements of Norwegian archaeologist Gutorm Gjessing (1906-1979). More

Bar: S1947
ISBN: 9781407304533
Authors: Kerstin Pasda
Year: 2009

(Rangifer tarandus groenlandicus) More

Bar: S1572
ISBN: 9781841717876
Authors: Mélanie Forné
Year: 2006