Bar: S2790
ISBN: 9.78141E+12
Authors: Thallein Antun
Year: 2016

This book examines the development of the mosque from the hijra (A.H.1/A.D.622) to the fall of the Umayyad dynasty (A.H.133/A.D.750). The aims of the book... More

Bar: S2690
ISBN: 9781407313269
Editors: Editors in chief C.C. Lamberg-Karlovsky and B. Genito, Editor B. Cerasetti
Year: 2014

This volume collates 99 papers in honour of Maurizio Ai’s 70th birthday. Contributions by diverse authors, on very diverse and sometimes unrelated topics... More

Bar: S2673
ISBN: 9781407313153
Authors: Sarah Kate Raphael
Year: 2014

Few sources mention the fortress located on the coast of the modern city of Ashdod, Israel. The reasons for its construction can best be understood by... More

Bar: S2651
ISBN: 9781407312927
Authors: Valeria Piacentini Fiorani
Year: 2014

The first section of the present volume is a report of the Italian involvement in Southern Makrn and Kharn, its aims and objects, modus operandi. It is... More

Bar: S2601
ISBN: 9781407312330
Authors: Yamandú Hieronymus Hilbert
Year: 2014

The author has undertaken a technological and typological analysis of lithic assemblages from southern Oman dating between 10,000 to 7,000 years before... More

Bar: S2569
ISBN: 9781407311906
Authors: Chiara Zazzaro
Year: 2013

The book unveils documents and museum collections related to research and excavations conducted on the Red Sea coast and at Adulis in the 19th and 20th... More

Bar: S2534
ISBN: 9781407311524
Editors: Paul R Preston, assistant editor Katia Schörle
Year: 2013

This volume stems from the proceedings of the third conference of the Graduate Archaeology Organisation at Oxford (GAO) held 4-5 April, 2008 at Hertford... More

Bar: S2510
ISBN: 9781407311289
Editors: Anne Benoist Contributions de A. Benoist, V. Bernard. C. Le Carlier, A. Hamel, M. Mashkour, S. Pillaut, A. Ploquin, A. Rougeulle, F. Saint-Genez, J.F. Saliège, J. Schiettecatte, M. Skorupka, A. Zazzo
Year: 2013

The book represents the results of four years excavations and investigations in the Bitnah Valley, United Arab Emirates, carried out by the French Mission.... More

Bar: S2483
ISBN: 9781407310954
Authors: Nasser Said Ali Al-Jahwari
Year: 2013

The aim idea of this study is to examine, quantify and critically assess the settlement history of the northern Oman Peninsula from the Hafit period (late... More

Bar: S2237
ISBN: 9781407307992
Authors: Harriet Nash
Year: 2011

The study presents fast disappearing information on the ethnography of agricultural communities in northern Oman and especially on the use of stars. It aims... More

Bar: S2227
ISBN: 9781407307893
Editors: †S. Cleuziou, S. Méry et B. Vogt
Year: 2011

This work is the definitive publication of the excavation that took place between 1977 and 1984 of several tombs by the French archaeological mission in Abu... More

Bar: S2107
ISBN: 9781407306483
Editors: Lloyd Weeks
Year: 2010

This volume represents the proceedings of the conference entitled ‘Death, Burial and the Transition to the Afterlife in Arabia and Adjacent Regions’ that was... More