Bar: S2839
ISBN: 9781407315799
Editors: Michela Gaudiello and Paul A. Yule
Year: 2017

This book describes the broad network of studies which were involved in three years of archaeological research in the southern Tigray (Ethiopia), at... More

Bar: S2794
ISBN: 9781407314419
Editors: Michael A. Rappenglück, Barbara Rappenglück, Nicholas Campion, Fabio Silva
Year: 2016

Throughout the course of history, from early prehistory to the Space Age, power structures have existed which have been more or less derived from or... More

Bar: S2755
ISBN: 9781407314167
Authors: Sarah Walshaw
Year: 2015

This monograph examines Swahili plant subsistence and food production patterns through the analysis of macrobotanical remains from four archaeological sites... More

Bar: S2719
ISBN: 9781407313726
Editors: Anek R. Sankhyan
Year: 2015

The present volume is based on research articles submitted as part of an international conference Exploring Human Origins: Exciting discoveries at the start... More

Bar: S2717
ISBN: 9781407313702
Authors: Freda Nkirote M'Mbogori
Year: 2015

This research is a departure from the traditional archaeological pottery analysis in Kenya, where emphasis has been on decorations and forms. It uses a... More

Bar: S2706
ISBN: 9781407313573
Authors: Alemseged Beldados
Year: 2015

Archaeobotanical investigation was conducted on a total of thirty two thousand (n=32,000) pot fragments, baked clay and fired clay collected from different... More

Bar: S2660
ISBN: 9781407313023
Authors: Augustin F. C. Holl
Year: 2014

Archaeology of Mounds clusters in West Africa aims to understand the dynamics that enhanced and sustained the settlement systems made of distinct but close... More

Bar: S2655
ISBN: 9781407312972
Editors: Luis Oosterbeek, Abdoulaye Camara and Cristina Martins
Year: 2014

African Prehistory is at the core of UISPP concerns, namely due to its crucial role to understand the origins and evolution of humans, but also for the... More

Bar: S2653
ISBN: 9781407312958
Authors: Farahnaz Koleini
Year: 2014

The book focuses on the conservation of iron and copper objects that mostly belong to the Iron Age sites of K2 and Mapungubwe (AD 825-1290), the two most... More

Bar: S2626
ISBN: 9781407312613
Authors: Peter Keegan
Year: 2014

Previous studies of tombstones and inscrAtions dedicated to divinities have focused on methods of assigning names in Roman society, the age at marriage and... More

Bar: S2613
ISBN: 9781407312446
Authors: Theodora Moutsiou
Year: 2014

Obsidian-bearing sites spanning the temporal framework of the Palaeolithic and located in Africa and Europe are analysed with the aim of elucidating the... More

Bar: S2569
ISBN: 9781407311906
Authors: Chiara Zazzaro
Year: 2013

The book unveils documents and museum collections related to research and excavations conducted on the Red Sea coast and at Adulis in the 19th and 20th... More