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Gem Engraving in Britain from Antiquity to the Present

with a catalogue of the British engraved gems in The State Hermitage Museum

Julia Kagan
Beazley Archive - Studies in Gems and Jewellery


Dr. Julia Kagan, Curator of post-Classical engraved gems in the State Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg, has devoted a lifetime of scholarshA to the study of gem-engraving in Britain, in part inspired by the English Brown brothers who carved gems for Catherine the Great during the 18th century. The many articles she published in the 1960s and 1970s covering various aspects of the history of glyptics in Great Britain and the formation of the Hermitage’s collection of British gems, an earlier dissertation which originally formed the basis of this book, and the attached catalogue, comprise a suitable tribute to the immense richness and diversity of gem engraving in Britain from Antiquity to the present. This comprehensive study includes a catalogue of theBritish engraved gems in The State Hermitage Museum, appendices of archive documents, and a table of British engravers.