From Funeral Monuments to Household Pottery

Current advances in Funnel Beaker Culture (TRB/TBK) research: Proceedings of the Borger Meetings 2009, The Netherlands

J. A. Bakker, S. B. C. Bloo and M. K. Dütting


In November 2009 an international conference on the Trichterbecher Kultur (Funnel Beaker culture; TRB) was held in Borger, the Netherlands. The conference was titled: From funeral monuments to household pottery – current advances in TRB research. The aimof this conference was to bring together TRB specialists from all over the world. In princAle the entire TRB culture and all of its aspects were covered in the conference: from megalithic tombs, burials, ritual deposits and pottery, to settlements and recent megalithic excavations.