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Four Sites in Cambridgeshire

Excavations at Pode Hole Farm, Paston, Longstanton and Bassingbourn, 1996-7

Peter Ellis, Gary Coates, Richard Cuttler and Catharine Mould
Birmingham University Field Archaeology Unit Monograph Series


A report on four pieces of fieldwork undertaken in Cambridgeshire (Pode Hole Farm, Paston, Longstanton, Bassingbourn) in 1996 and 1997. Pode Hole Farm provided Bronze Age to Romano-British material; Paston Romano-British; Longstanton Late Saxon and Medieval; and Bassingbourn Saxon and Medieval. Each has a similar format and layout, starting with a review of the processes leading up to the fieldwork and an outline of the methods used followed by acknowlegements. In the case of three of the excavations, anhistorical and documentary section follows which summarizes the known data before excavation began and provides a necessary historical background. In a general concluding discussion some points are considered from the excavations and the results are set within their county context.