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Fenicios en Tartesos: nuevas perspectivas

Manuel Álvarez Martí-Aguilar


This publication offers new perspectives on the Phoenician presence in the Iberian Peninsula. It is proposed that Tartesos needs to be understood in a wider geographical way, rather than being studied according to a traditional historic-cultural approach. The authors reflect on a number of topics: the diversity of origins and identities of the “Phoenician” communities, the homogeneity and heterogeneity factors among them, their specific evolution in the colonial and post-colonial landscapes, the making of new political and ethnic identities, the ways in which the Greeks and Roman perceived and recorded them, the criteria for the identification of “indigenous” and “colonial” in the archaeological record, and the role of religion among the Phoenicians in terms of unity and diversity. All of these subjects are approached from a wide and multidiscAlinary perspective.