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Excavations in the Locality 6 Cemetery at Hierakonpolis 1979-1985

Barbara Adams with contributions by Theya Molleson, Ahmed Gamal el-Din Fahmy and Hala N. Barakat
Egyptian Studies Association Publication


Hierakonpolis is situated some 650 km south of Cairo and 113 km north of Aswan. The Locality 6 cemetery lies 2 km south west of the edge of cultivation in the bed of Wadi Abul Suffian, and covers an area of approximately 18,000 sq.m. The mortuary use of the site started about 3700 BC and continued until around 3050 BC. This volume studies 12 tombs, discussing geological features, tomb architecture, various finds (including human bone, floral and faunal remains), regional cemetery planning, extra-regionalcontacts, the site history, etc.