Excavations at Francavilla Marittima 1991–2004

Finds Related to Textile Production from the Timpone della Motta, Volume 5: Spindle Whorls

Marianne Kleibrink


This fifth volume in a series of publications dealing with the excavations by Groningen University in 19912004 on the Timpone della Motta, Francavilla Marittima, Calabria (Italy), under the direction of the author, is preceded by four BAR volumes on the Oenotrian production of Matt-painted pottery. That pottery, together with impasto pottery fragments, loom weights and spindle whorls, was associated with an indigenous Oenotrian apsidal building, which, judging from the presence of animal bones (a relatively high percentage of which were fetal and neonatal bones of pigs, sheep and goats), an altar and ash, was not only a residence of female spinners and weavers, but also fulfilled a sacred function. The present volume largely consists of a catalogue of 300 spindle whorls of various types. Their weights and types are compared with spindle whorls from other Calabrian find spots (mainly graves) and conclusions as to the development in indigenous Oenotrian spinning practices are suggested.