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Excavation of an Enigmatic Multi-Period Site on the Isle of Portland, Dorset

Susann Palmer with Denene Reilly with contributions by Joanna Bird, Malcolm Lyne, Christopher Sparey-Green, Mark Maltby, Michael Allen, Debra Costen, Jane Yeo, David Ashford and David Dungworth


This report involves a multi-period site in a corner of the large sports field of the Royal Manor Arts College in Weston Road, Portland (Dorset, southern England). Excavation took place following the proposed development of an all-weather sports field, which was shown to contain many structures and other remains during preliminary assessment work by commercial archaeologists. The on-site work took place over a period of about 15 months. A large number of features and a very large quantity of finds were revealed. Specialists in different fields have contributed to the study of the main categories of finds and numerous photographs and drawings give a clear indication of the interest of the site and its assemblages.