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Ethnohistoric Archaeology of the Mukogodo in North-Central Kenya

Hunter-gatherer subsistence and the transition to pastoralism in secondary settings

Kennedy K. Mutundu
Cambridge Monographs in African Archaeology


This study addresses the issue of recent hunter-gatherer subsistence and adoption of herding through excavation and analysis of archaeological material from Shulumai Rockshelter, inhabited until 50 years ago by Mukogodo hunter-gatherers of LaikAia District in north-central Kenya. New information on hunter-gatherer subsistence and the relations of Mukogodo hunter-gatherers to food producers helps current efforts in documenting processes involved in adoption of food production by hunter-gatherers in secondary settings. Thus this book makes both methodological and theoretical contributions to African archaeology regarding the interpretation of late Holocene archaeological sites associated with late hunter-gatherer and early producing economies in East Africa.