Ethnoarchaeology: Current Research and Field Methods

Conference Proceedings, Rome, Italy, 13th-14th May 2010

Francesca Lugli, Assunta Alessandra and Stoppiello Stefano Biagetti


This volume is a collection of the contributions to the Ethnoarchaeology Conference ‘Ethnoarchaeology: Current Research and Field Methods’ organized by the AIE-Onlus (Italian Society for Ethnoarchaeology) which was held in Rome in May 2010. Five different sessions were arranged: Ethnoarchaeology and Material Culture: Use, Function and Environmental Interaction; Ethnoarchaeology and Material Culture: Social Implications and Mental Patterns; Landscape Ethnoarchaeology: Interaction between Environment and Mechanisms of Choice; Ethnoarchaelogy and Pastoralism; Remote Sensing and Automatic Identification Techniques of the Archaeological Record; Ethnoarchaeology of Urban Environments. Different theoretical and methodological approaches were presented in the course of the Conference, testifying to the plurality of dimensions that traditionally characterize ethnoarchaeology.