Estudios Arqueológicos del Área Vesubiana I

Archaeological Studies of the Vesuvian Area I

Macarena Calderón Sánchez, Sergio España-Chamorro and Rubén Montoya González


These archaeological studies offer to provide an alternative tour through Vesuvian cities. One way to see Pompeii, for example, is via its hydraulic systems, from the higher parts to waterlogged landfills at the mouth of Sarno. They invite you to walk the streets amidst the traces of regulation issued in municAal law and the free initiative of those who built and maintained the sidewalks. The graffiti and paintings allow us to take a tour specially designed to understand the tastes and devotions of the inhabitants of the Vesuvian cities. Thus, disparate themes researched separately may be presented here as a coherent work that initiates the visitor into Vesuvian studies. Each author gives us a particular tour of the specifics of the cities and villages of the Vesuvian area, its story, furniture, findings and the research process that has been developed over many years.