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El Paleolítico inferior en la Meseta Norte, España: Sierra de Atapuerca, La Maya, El Basalito, San Quirce y Ambrona

Estudio tecnológico y experimental

Marcos Terradillos Bernal


In this volume the author presents detailed patterns on several lithic collections coming from ancient sites of a limited area in northern Spain, yielding evidence of the first and second phases of occupations of Europe. The author discusses variability of technical processes over a long period of time, taking into account raw material collection and the influences of stone quality on technical variability. He also provides experimental analysis to give another perspective on the archaeological collections. This work provides a substantial volume of data on several sites and the interest of a study on a small area is clearly demonstrated, providing new explanations on the variability of ancient assemblages and contributing to a better understanding of what constitutes variability in human behaviour over a long period of time, with particular reference to the the first occupations of southern Europe