El IV milenio ANE en el Guadalquivir Medio

Intensificación agrícola y fragua de la comunidad doméstica aldeana

Rafael Mª Martínez Sánchez


This study aims to represent an integrated approach of the historical process that took place in the Middle Guadalquivir lowlands (SW Spain) between the onset of agriculture in this area and the beginning of copper metallurgy. In particular, there is a focus on the IV millennium BC, period in which archaeological evidence suggests that the first agricultural occupation with remarkable density occurred by ca. 3500 BC in the lowlands of the Guadalquivir Basin. In this period, some visible changes arise in material culture, such as the emergence of carinated forms with low height and a large diameter (pottery), bifacial arrowheads and the development of standardized long flint blades (lithic), as well as the proliferation of archaeological sites with silo-shaped pits both in the vicinity of the floodplain, and especially in the east of Cordovan Campiña.