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El Cerro de San Cristobal, Logrosan, Extremadura, Spain

The archaeometallurgical excavation of a Late Bronze Age tin-mining and metalworking site. First excavation season 1998

Alonso Rodriguez Diaz, Ignacio Pavon Soldevila, Craig Merideth and Jordi Juan I Tresserras
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The published findings of the first season’s excavations at El Cerro de San Cristobal, Logrosan, (some 200 km north of Seville), of a site long known for its mineral/mining importance, and, indeed, still worked for cassiterite until the 1960s. Second millennium B.C finds included pottery, tools (hammers, crushers) and an important crucible fragment with its associated smelting/casting remains. The project was undertaken by teams from the University of Extremadura and University College, London