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La Representacio?n del Cuerpo Femenino

Mujeres y Arte Rupestre Levantino del Arco Mediterra?neo del Peni?nsula Ibe?rica

Trinidad Escoriza Mateu


In essence, this is a book about the female body. The Neolithic figurative representations examined here form part of what is traditionally called Levantine Rock Art or, more recently, Rock Art of the Mediterranean Basin of the Iberian Peninsula. The region is understood to have occupied the whole of the Mediterranean Fringe, the coastal and pre-coastal regions of the Eastern Iberian Peninsula, from the foothills of the Pyrenees to the mountainous regions in the interior of the south-east of the Iberian Peninsula. The author’s main interest is centred on recovering, documenting, and analyzing the greatest number of female representations in the Levantine panels. The aim was to explain them in relation to the social practices in which they were involved, based on the activities represented. (The surviving representations produced in this artistic style were declared an element of World Heritage by UNESCO in 1998.)