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Early Medieval Pottery in Northern Croatia

Typological and chronological pottery analyses as indicators of the settlement of the territory between the rivers Drava and Sava from the 10th to the 13th centuries AD

Tajana Sekelj Ivancan


The main indicator for the presence of an ancient settlement at a certain location is the find of pottery fragments. With regard previously to the sites of continental Croatia, it has been the practice to date fragments to a broad period of ‘medieval times’. This volume marks the first full-scale attempt to closely examine 10th to 13th Croatian pottery typologically and chronologically. As well as pottery analysis, data obtained from cemeteries and Romanesque architectural remains, as well as other typesof finds such as coin hoards and swords, were included in the study. This, and information taken from historical sources, has considerably increased the available knowledge on the organization of settlements in the Sava-Drava interfluves during the period of 10th to 13th centuries.