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Early Medieval Glass Vessels found in Kent

A catalogue of the glass vessels of European migrants to Kent, from approximately AD 450-700, in museums, archaeological trusts and societies, and private collections

Winifred Stephens
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This survey of Kentish vessel glass begins at the end of the late Roman period, and includes Roman glass vessels found in an Anglo-Saxon context. The period covered is approximately from the middle of the fifth century to the end of the seventh, althoughcertain material is included which may run on into the eighth century.The aim of this survey is to form an index/catalogue of early medieval glass vessels found in Kent since 1956 to December 1999 and to add later acquisitions. A further aim is to recordvessels which have been lost since 1956, and where feasible, to disclose the circumstances of loss, and the possibilities of eventual recovery. A final chapter includes new vessels found since completion of this work to 2005.