Données récentes sur les pratiques funéraires néolithiques de la Plaine du Rhin supérieur

Philippe Lefranc, Anthony Denaire and Christian Jeunesse


The symposium dedicated to the presentation of the ‘current research on the of neolithic funeral rituals in the Upper Rhine Valley’ held at the University of Strasbourg in June, 2011 belongs to a cycle of annual meetings of the archaeologists from Alsaceand the nearby regions. The theme was dictated by the spectacular increase of the neolithic graves’ corpus last years. This volume presents nine contributions about unpublished graves and graveyards from the early to the late Neolithic, especially the first LBK cremations found in France and the first Corded ware graves group discovered in Alsace. These papers, which covered all the regional neolithic sequence, offer a complete view of the funeral traditions of the Upper Rhine Valley from 5300 to 2200 BC.