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Die silbernen Halbkugelbecher vom Typ Leuna

Fundkomplexe und Interpretationen, Herstellungstechnik und Datierung

Barbara Niemeyer


This work is a study of the distinctive Leuna beaker type, a unique form of Roman silver vessel. The beakers under discussion appear in three types of find context, treasures or hoards, burials and in one case a cult context. The distribution of embossedsilver beakers of the Leuna type is confined to the north-western provinces of the Roman Empire and the so-called free Germanic area, and most finds are dated to the 3rd century AD. As well as the Leuna finds, the study includes the discoveries from Water Newton, Ballinrees, Rheinbach-Flerzheim, Saint-Pabu, Hågerup, Chaourse, Notre-Dame d’Allençon, and Taragnat. Chapter one is devoted to a detailed discussion of the connection of the hemispheric embossed silver beakers of the Leuna type with contemporary cut glass beakers, and further chapters consider form, design, use, and metallurgical factors. The catalogues provide detailed entries of all finds.