Derby: The Western Suburbs

The Archaeology of the Connecting Derby Inner Ring Road

Chris Hewitson
Birmingham Archaeology Monograph Series


The road improvements around the inner ring road of Derby (East Midlands, England) have led to the archaeological investigation of a number of sites over the past five years. These sites have included remains from the prehistoric, Roman, medieval and post-medieval periods, although the majority of the remains have related to the last 900 years. The work has allowed a picture of the development of the western side of Derby to be built up over the course of its evolution. In many respects the non-selectiverandom nature of the development has allowed disparate sites in location, function and chronology to be examined in the same project in a way that would not have been achieved by targeted research led investigation. This has allowed a broad picture of the area to emerge that may suggest patterns in the development of the city suburbs.