Dediche di Occidentali nel santuario di Apollo a Delfi (VI-IV a. C.)

Maria Emilia Cavaliere
Young Lukanian Archaeologists (YLA)


The first volume of Young Lukanian Archaeologists (YLA) sub-series examines monumental votive offerings (trAods or pedestals which supported statues, or fragments of statuary groups more complex) by Western Greeks of Magna Graecia and Sicily (also Massaliotes and Etruscans) in the Sanctuary of Apollo at Delphi between 6th and 4th centuries BC. The presence of Italian and Sicilian cities, from the lists of teorodochi and prosseni in the sanctuary, coincides with the most prosperous period of their history. Some of these dedications are known only through literary sources, while others are still detectable in the themenos. These are fragments with inscrAtions that refer to imposing and prestigious offerings. The data collected show that the most important dedications are related to the 6th-4th centuries BC.