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Das Tholosgrab E von Phourni bei Archanes

Studien zu einem frühkretischen Grabfund und seinem kulturellen Kontext

Diamantis Panagiotopoulos


The low ridge of Phourni rises smoothly at the north-west edge of the fertile Cretan plain of Archanes, situated c.12 km south of Knossos. Uncovered along this ridge was one of the most important burial sites of the Bronze Age Aegean. Its historical trajectory extends from the beginning of the EM II to LM III B, covering approximately 14 centuries of almost uninterrupted use: the spectacular Tholos tomb E was unearthed in 1975. This present study is divided into 3 parts. Part 1 examines the tomb’s architecture, stratigraphy, and find contexts. Part 2 takes up the presentation and evaluation of the large and varied number of finds, including very early fragments of Linear A and one of the earliest securely dated seal groups of Minoan Crete. The third part is dedicated to a comprehensive analysis of mortuary data, and provides further theoretical material for funerary beliefs in Bronze Are Crete.