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Darfur (Sudan) In the Age of Stone Architecture c. AD 1000 – 1750

Problems in historical reconstruction

Andrew James McGregor
Cambridge Monographs in African Archaeology


Volume 53 in the series of Cambridge Monographs in African Archaeology focuses on the old sultanate of Darfur, in the westen part of modern Sudan, and, in particular its stone architecture from c. AD 1000-1750 (before its fall to the forces of European colonialism). Proper archaeological work has yet to begin in Darfur and a full study of the known physical evidence, with the associated traditions, has yet to be completed. This volume presents a study of the physical and linguistic evidence, and oral traditions that take regional contexts into account, and therefore provides a framework for archaeological investigation. The existing literature is examined in depth to separate fact from fiction, and to suggest the most promising avenues for further research.