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Crafting Bone: Skeletal Technologies through Time and Space

Proceedings of the 2nd meeting of the (ICAZ) Worked Bone Research Group Budapest, 31 August – 5 September 1999

Alice M. Choyke and László Bartosiewicz, technical editors, Krisztian Kolozsvari and Katalin Kovago-Szentirmai with infrastructural support the staff of the Roman Department of the Aquincum Museum


36 papers (each with an additional abstract in French, and German) presented at the Proceedings of the Worked Bone research Group, in Budapest, in 1999. Research was carried out on materials from Central and North America to various regions of Europe andSouthwest Asia. The contributors represent scientific traditions from Estonia, Hungary, Romania, and Russia, European countries in which, until recently, ideas developed in relative isolation. Other European countries represented include Austria, Denmark, France, Germany, Great Britain, Greece, and Switzerland. Last but not least, the North American scholarly approach is also reflected here. Most of the papers include considerations of raw material exploitation, manufacturing and functional analyses, andall make some attempt to consider the social context from which the artifacts emerged.